This article is for each and every people in the world belonging to any religion. 

The essence of this article is the result of thousands of years' penance by the Sages of Bharat-Bhoomi (INDIA), which is now easily available to you. 

We are pretty sure that every problem of your life may be solved if you read this article carefully till the end.


You might have heard of Siddh-Yoga, Automatic Yoga, or Auto-Meditation.

If  Yes, do you know its meaning, benefits, procedure, effectiveness, etc? 

Do you know that a lifeless picture and a recorded voice of one person (Mentor / Guru) can control the body and mind of another living person (seeker/disciple), even after the death of the former? 

If  Not, this is the right place to know in detail - what, why, how, and much more about Siddh-Yoga.


Let's recap about Yoga. Our Yoga-Guru/teacher or Health advisor prescribes us a few general or specific yoga activities (Yogasanas, Pranayama, Bandhas, Mudras, etc) and we follow and practice them according to the given instructions to keep ourselves fit and healthy. 

Same for Meditation, our mentor/trainer gives us some instructions and we sit for a while to concentrate or meditate.  Sometimes we succeed while sometimes not.

But due to paucity of time, improper execution, or lack of money, many people may not be able to exercise these regularly.

There is a way, where you do have not to practice any Yoga or Meditation activity by YOURSELF.


All the Yoga activities and Meditation which are necessary for the well-being of your body happen AUTOMATICALLY, without your voluntary involvement. 

Would you like to know and implement this health strategy which is known as SIDDH-YOGA? 

Before going to understand its meaning and procedure, 

Let's go to know the -

Amazing Benefits of  Siddh-Yoga.


Why Siddh-Yoga?

  1. Siddha-Yoga, the Spiritual Revolution, is a wonderful way for an individual or seeker to get physical, mental, and spiritual well-being for the rest of his life. 
  2. It maintains the physical health and fitness of the seeker. It provides complete freedom from diseases. (Physical well-being) 
  3. Here the seeker experiences a unique bliss, which removes stress, depression, irritability, anger, worries, tensions, etc from the mind of the seeker. (Mental or Psychological well-being)
  4. Siddha-Yoga evokes enlightenment in the seeker and helps in the union of the soul with the supreme. We get immense HAPPINESS in our day-to-day life. (Spiritual well-being)
  5. It increases positivity and prosperity in the life of the seeker. (Environmental and Economic well-being)
  6. It is a free, easy, time-saving, and highly effective procedure for all men, women, children, and old persons.
  7. It can be practiced anywhere in the world, you can perform it at your home, with no need for any physical trainer or instructor.
  8. Seekers gradually get rid of all bad habits, intoxicants, and addictions like smoking, drinking liquor, drugs, etc.
  9. In the youths, it increases memory power, receptive power, and tolerance power. It also makes their body healthier and mind concentrated. 
  10. Siddh-Yoga does not cause any type of harm to the seeker. 



Yoga :

In the whole world, the meaning of yoga is being considered as physical activities/yoga asana/exercise/pranayama.

According to Indian philosophy, the meaning of yoga is - the union of the soul with the supreme. 

The literal meaning of yoga is also 'to join'.

What is Siddha Yoga?

There are Eight Yogas and Eight Sadhanas described in Indian philosophy -

Eight Yogas (Ashtanga Yoga) – Bhakti Yoga, Karma Yoga, Raj Yoga, Kriya Yoga, Gyan Yoga, Laya Yoga, Bhava Yoga and Hatha Yoga 


Eight Sadhanas (forms of meditation) – Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana and Samadhi . 

Confused?   Distracted?

In the present era, it is impossible to follow them with intellectual effort, so the knowledge of such important philosophy is negligible among the people.

The union of the soul with the Supreme takes place with the help of a Siddha Guru (who has spiritual powers/Siddhis). 

An Energy is awakened in the body of the disciple by touch, by seeing, by words-"mantra", or the mere thought of the Guru, which results in various actions (yogic actions) in the body of the disciple. 

Such yoga is called Siddha Yoga / Automatic Yoga. 

So the literal meaning of SIDDH-YOGA is the union of Soul with Supreme under proven spiritual powers. 

The awakened power from Siddha Yoga automatically performs all the above-mentioned Ashtanga yoga and sadhanas, hence this yoga is also called Purna Yoga or Mahayoga (Complete or Grand Yoga).

Thus, through Siddha Yoga, yogic actions take place automatically in the body of the seeker (disciple), so it is different from Yogasana where the yogic actions are done with effort and practice, but not automatically.


Why and How, the Yogic actions occur automatically?

A divine power remains in a dormant state in every human being by putting three and a half rounds (Kundali -coils) like a serpent in Muladhara (the lower end of the spinal cord), which the yogis have called "Kundalini power".

Awakening of the sleeping Kundalini power of a person (disciple) by a capable guru by touch, by seeing, by the mantra, etc, is called "Shaktipat Diksha". 

This awakened energy rises upwards, as a result, yogic actions take place automatically in the body of the disciple.

We all know that every man is the form of God and God is within every man, Hindus called it Paramatma (Supreme). 

For the union of the soul with the Supreme, one soul has to take inspiration or power from another soul. The soul who gives this power is called Guru or Acharya while the soul who takes power is called disciple or seeker.

The most wonderful aspect of this worship is that while meditating, different yogic actions, Asanas, Bandhas, Mudras, Pranayama, etc start automatically in the body of a seeker, due to the upward movement of awakened Kundalini power.

In this Siddha Yoga, each seeker feels or experiences different actions. Many seekers have many experiences like seeing divine light, feeling aroma, seeing past and future events, etc. Some seekers also get very rare Mudra - Khechari Mudra automatically, in which the seeker's tongue turns towards the inside of the mouth and sinks into the top of the palate, and a special juice drips from the palate, which would increase the immunity of the seeker. The yogis have called this juice 'nectar'.

Procedure of Siddh-Yoga 

The question is again -

Can a lifeless picture and a recorded voice of a person (Mentor / Guru) be able to control the body and mind of another living person (seeker/disciple), even after the death of the former?

It seems strange to everyone, BUT it is 100% TRUE. 

"Self-experience doesn't need any proof", so do it yourself and enjoy the truth.

Follow the instructions given, Meditate yourself with full devotion, and experience the miracle.

What you have to do (How to do Siddha Yoga Meditation) :

To meditate with Siddh-Yoga or Automatic-Yoga, you have to do three things:-

  1. Taking Shaktipat Diksha or Initiation (once)
  2. Chanting divine Sanjivani Mantra  (every moment round the clock).
  3. Sitting to meditate (15 -15 minutes in the morning and evening daily).

Please read all the instructions thoroughly and read them again and again, before starting meditation.

1. Taking Shaktipat Diksha or Initiation :

Listening to the Sanjivani Mantra in the divine voice of Samarth Guru Shri Ramlal Ji Siyag is called Shaktipat Diksha or initiation. 

This mantra works only if heard in GuruDev's voice, not effective in your or our voice.

Mantra is simple and easy to remember. The mantra must not be spoken, only be chanted without moving the tongue and lips, as the mind reads a book.

Following are the ways to hear this mantra in the voice of Gurudev -

  • Call on mobile - 07533006009
  • On Gurudev's website -
  • On other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Watch this video and hear the holy voice.


2. Mantra Chanting :

  • Keep on chanting this mantra round the clock while getting up, eating and drinking, and doing work, whenever you get a chance. 
  • In the beginning, you will have to chant by remembering it again and again, but after some time it can start chanting on its own, the sages called this stage "AJAPA" (continuous chanting without effort).

3. Meditation :

Sit in front of Gurudev's photo for 15 minutes every morning and evening, on an empty stomach, and meditate -
  • Sit in a comfortable position on the ground in an open, flat, and ventilated place.
  • Keep the picture of Gurudev in front and watch with open eyes for 1-2 minutes with concentration.
  • Pray compassionately to Gurudev for the solution to your problem.
  • Now closing the eyes and concentrating on the picture of Gurudev on your command wheel (the central point of your forehead) ask permission from Gurudev to meditate for 15 minutes.
  • Now chant the divine mantra given by Gurudev intensively in your mind.
  • During this any physical, mental, or yogic action can happen, please do not panic and do not try to stop them and leave the body loose. These actions will automatically stop when the meditation span is over.


Please pay attention :

  • Continue chanting the mantra continuously during the meditation period, do not open your eyes, and do not get up in between.
  • If you are doing group meditation, then sit at a sufficient distance from each other.
  • For the picture of Gurudev, you can take a screenshot of the picture given in this article, it can be taken from the website or on social media platforms like Facebook, or comment us here at the end of this article.
  • Please do not tell the mantra to anyone by speaking it from your mouth, if someone is not understanding it, then tell it in writing. If you couldn't get it, please comment on us.
  • You may sit facing any direction, no need to do any incense sticks.
  • Mat, mattress, etc. can be laid as required.
  • If you are wearing amulets, idols of any deity, remove them at the time of meditation.
  • If you cannot sit on the ground, you can sit on a chair, sofa, cot, or bed, if you are not in a sitting position, you can meditate while standing or sleeping.
  • Only 15 minutes' duration should be asked for meditation.
  • In most people, the eyes open automatically after 15 minutes, if it is not there initially, then you can set an alarm.
  • The existence of yogic actions depends on the physical, mental condition, and faith of the seeker.
  • Seeing something - bright light, color, etc., hearing, smelling, feeling, vibration, bending, lying down, laughing, crying, doing yoga, doing pranayama, clapping, etc may appear.
  • All these actions are different in different people, it is according to the needs of your body.
  • If there is no action in a person's body, then either he/she does not need it or he/she is still negative. 
  • In such a situation, continue to sit in constant chanting and meditation with faith, and keep praying to Gurudev, for a few days or months. After that meditation will start.
  • The best thing is that every person feels bliss / internal joy or peace, whether any yogic action occurs or not. It never causes any harm, so sit for meditation without worry.
  • The only purpose of this post is mankind. It is not meant for any type of advertisement. 

Will you also sit to meditate, and personally experience the science of Indian spirituality? If you find all or feel what has been told here, will you share it with other people for the benefit of the public? I have been telling everyone since 2012 and thousands of people have benefited.

Please do share your experience with us, write in the comment box below or open the contact page above and reply.

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